Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a one to one process based on reflective sessions with one of our skilled coaches. It is the process of working to achieve personal change within your business environment through techniques such as listening, questioning, challenge and support. The focus is on enhancing performance and enabling individuals to fulfil their potential. It provides leaders with a safe space to reflect; on their thinking, their behaviour and their impact. Raising awareness of these things enables individuals to make sense of what’s happening, and to recognise the choices and options for moving forward.

Business leaders often benefit from a confidential sounding board from outside of their business, or someone to challenge their actions, behaviours and assumptions. This can be achieved through building trust through regular one to one sessions, and additional methods can be used to aid the process where appropriate:


360 Degree Feedback Report


Personality Profiling e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator


Leadership Style Questionnaire


Career Assessment Tools

What for…?

How do we maximise the impact of our executives and leaders?

We need greater alignment across the business

I want to understand our approach to problems and conflict

Let’s explore attitudes and capability for change

How do we develop a Learning Organisation?



Sustained Change

Enhanced Performance

Increased Satisfaction or Engagement

Clarity of Organisational Goals
and Priorities

The Process

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