Managing Resilience


A 2 hour online session facilitated by Shirley Ficken and introducing Richard Dixon, author of Dying for Success.

Just when he thought nothing more could go wrong, Richard died at the age of 34, to be revived and left with a permanent disability. Over 20 years on, he’s ready to tell the story of the extreme highs and lows of his personal and professional journey, and how he continues to bounce back time and again despite ongoing physical and mental health challenges.

At a time when many leaders, colleagues and clients are finding themselves struggling with the long term impact of the pandemic, we have an opportunity to explore the subject of resilience and wellbeing through the lens of a lived experience. It is intended to prompt discussion for how you support yourself and your clients or teams at an emotional and practical level, rather than being theoretically or academically driven.

Session Objectives


To learn about Richard’s story and his personal strategies for managing resilience and overcoming adversity


To inspire and provoke discussion around how you support yourself and others in relation to resilience and wellbeing

NB: The above is an example of a session specifically prepared for a group of Executive Coaches. The format and objectives can be tailored to the needs of different audiences e.g. leaders, teams etc

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