Organisation Development

What for…?

How do we maximise the impact of our executives and leaders?

We need greater alignment across the business

I want to understand our approach to problems and conflict

Let’s explore attitudes and capability for change

How do we develop a Learning Organisation?



Sustained Change

Enhanced Performance

Increased Satisfaction or Engagement

Clarity of Organisational Goals
and Priorities

The Process

What do we offer organisations

NorthRidge offers a variety of coaching and development options for organisations, from stand-alone workshops to address specific skills gaps to holistic leadership programmes that support organisational change

Why provide development in organisations?

Leadership Behaviours

– leaders create vision and act as role models for others to follow. Be confident that your leaders are behaving in ways that drive the organisational performance and culture you seek.

Organisational Change

– is more likely to occur when people feel engaged in the process and confident they have the right skills and behaviours to achieve the desired change.

Employee Engagement

– engaged employees offer four times more value to organisations. Employees tend to be more engaged where they feel valued as a result of investment in their personal development.

Talent Management

– how is your organisation identifying, developing and retaining talented individuals that will take your organisation into the future?

How does it work?

We will work in partnership with you to design programmes or workshops to meet your specific needs, these are aligned with your corporate strategy, culture and any defined organisational competencies.


Example development activities for organisations

Leadership Development Programmes

Developing Internal Coaches

Leading Change

Personal Impact & Assertiveness

Presentation Skills

Strategic Influencing

Developing Competency Frameworks

Managing Performance

Action Learning Sets

Facilitation of events and conferences

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