Team Development

What for…?

There’s interpersonal conflict in my team

We need to change how we communicate with each other

I want to understand how we approach problems & decisions

We need to explore our capacity & capability for change

We’d like to review our goals and roles



Sustained Change

Enhanced Performance

Increased Satisfaction or Engagement

Clarity of thinking and priorities

The Process

What is Team Coaching/Development?

For us, a team is a group of people who work together towards shared goals. These valuable assets in business can become dysfunctional when individuals aren’t clear on the goals or don’t understand or fully trust each other. This can result in ‘silo’working, or conflict. A coach can help the team and the organisation to build relationships and work collaboratively on their goals.

Why would teams have coaching?

Our Team Coaching offers many benefits:

Interpersonal conflict

– understanding each other’s values, ways of working, and respecting individual strengths and weaknesses.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

– to work on a specific situation in which the team has become “stuck” or highly challenged.


– how individuals in the team communicate with each other and the impact they have outside the team.

Team changes

– the team may need to make sense of changes they are experiencing in process or people.

Goal alignment

– helping teams to understand their goals and contribution to the organisation.

Whatever the reason, your Coach will be committed to supporting the team in moving to a better way of working.

How does it work?

We will listen to you, and propose a tailored solution for your needs, including the number and nature of sessions, outcomes, follow-up, and investment required.

One to one coaching may compliment a team session, giving individuals the opportunity to reflect on their role and consolidate their learning.

Example approaches for team development

Experiential learning

– this involves taking the team away from their normal workplace and activities, in order to reflect and explore how they communicate and collaborate. Discover what types of behaviour are helpful or unhelpful back in the workplace.

Team Profiling

– we are trained to apply a variety of personality tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator to understand the impact of different personality preferences. Discover how and why individuals behave as they do.

Vision and Values

– activities to help the team define and develop their goals and agree practical actions for how they will get there.

Team Facilitation

– this may involve facilitating an “Open Space” event where people with shared interests come together to discuss issues that are important to them.

Team Building

– a series of enjoyable activities to build relationships and trust amongst team members.

Action Learning Set Facilitation

– facilitation for peer groups to meet regularly and work together on real issues, finding new ways of thinking, learning or dealing with situations.

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